INTK Vacancy Software Developer

  • Data publikacji:
  • 14-09-2023
  • Miejsce Pracy:
  • Utrecht, Holandia
  • Stanowisko:
  • Informatyk

INTK is an ambitious studio based in Utrecht (25 minutes from Amsterdam). We are specialized in developing digital strategies for cultural organizations.

We work with museums, theaters, film houses, castles, libraries, festivals, etc. Some of the cultural organizations we work with are: Guggenheim Museum, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, Film Theater Hilversum, Loevestein Castle, Library Utrecht, Le Guess Who festival, etc.

Our mission is to change how people relate to culture. We are inspired by the transformation that happened in the sports sector. Forty years ago, very few people sported. Today, many people dedicate several hours a week to sport. We would like to bring a similar change to the cultural sector. Our goal is to encourage people who love culture to engage in cultural activities on a weekly basis. For example, we want to encourage people that love cinema and rock concerts to go every week to the cinema and once a month to a rock concert.


We work on a combination of three products: ClapApp, CultureToday, and CultureCab.

ClapApp - Personal assistant for your cultural life

Every city needs an app that allows you to see all the cultural activities available. It should work like Deliveroo, Uber eats, etc. You should be able to browse the cultural agenda of your city, buy tickets, and schedule events together with friends.

The app will need to have a database with all the cultural activities. There are two approaches to getting that database. We have an army of people copy/pasting all cultural activities into the database or automating the process.

ClapApp will be your assistant when it comes to your cultural life. It will alert you when there is a new movie from your favorite director or a new concert from your favorite band.

CultureToday - Marketing Digital Assistant

Online marketing is growing bigger and bigger. All cultural organizations could use a marketing assistant. The assistant could automatically create presentations with the marketing results, automatically create campaigns and write monthly reports to be sent by email.

This full-stack project allows you to work with data, APIs, VUE, etc.

CultureCab - CMS for culture

CultureCab is our internal name for an adaptation of a Python/React CMS (Volto) that we use to create websites for cultural organizations. Check out some of the work we have done:


Are you interested in working on a high-impact and short-term project to positively impact thousands of people? Are you passionate about creating software that stretches the limits of technology and beauty? If so, we have the perfect job opportunity for you.

Depending on your expertise and experience, we will together find the right fit and topic which could be Web-development (ReactJS, Angular, Python, Plone, Volto), data analysis (Google Apps Script, Google Sheets, Data Studio), or another topic you want to propose.


We are a young team of international professionals. You will be assigned high responsibility tasks from day one. Every Monday, we analyze the success of the previous week and plan the upcoming. We have lunch together every day. On Fridays, the entire team joins for drinks as we stop working half an hour earlier.

Are you interested?

Apply on our website:

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